Fridays™ new restaurant design is contemporary, authentic comfortable and inviting.

What differentiates us from other Casual Dining Restaurants is:

  • A centric high energy par promotes socializing and draws people in
  • Open kitchens shows our commitment to food quality and authenticity
  • The new restaurant layout provides Guests quality seating anywhere in the restaurant
  • High quality design elements and finishes create a modern dining environment that’s warm and inviting
  • Unique décor that anchors Fridays through a personal experience and emotional connection that promotes return visits
  • Our patio extends the Fridays experience to the exterior of the restaurant

The real beauty is it readily adapts to virtually any site, any style of restaurant. So, you can best address your particular market’s preference and take advantage of a wider range of real estate more opportunities. What’s more, we collaborate with your local or in-house architect to create Fridays restaurants that put every square inch of space to work. Now, that’s appealing design.

A perfect fit for:

  • Airport terminals
  • Inline locations
  • Freestanding sites
  • Special venues

All the more reason for today’s Guests to indulge their appetite for fun.