Development Process

Section 1: Understanding the Landscape

This section provides you with a method and process to assist you in assembling and analyzing relevant market macro statistical data that will directly or indirectly impact the casual dining business.

Section 2: Market Potential Analysis

The Market Potential Analysis section provides you with the guidelines that will help define a potential market and understand the potential of that market over a five year period and at maturity. These guidelines can be applied to:

  • An available region / country within an existing market
  • A brand new market
  • An existing franchised market

Section 3: Market Planning

This section provides guidelines for planning and organizing the development of the market and prioritizing the most appropriate trade areas for TGI FridaysTM. These guidelines can be applied to both new and existing markets. In the case of existing markets it provides the tools necessary to ensure our restaurants are being located in relevant trade areas and will attract our Guests.

Section 4: Developing a Business Plan

Whether you are a new Franchisee applicant, existing TGI Fridays Franchisee or a Multi-Unit Owner you will need to be able to prepare a Business Plan. The recommended Business Plan would include the following information:

  • Market facts & Brand Development
  • A market Potential Estimation for TGI Fridays Restaurants
  • Franchisee Organizational Structure
    • At the restaurant level
    • Above the restaurant level
  • Products, Furniture Fixtures & Equipment and Supply Chain Requirements
  • New Unit Potential which includes a Pro-Forma/Profit & Loss Statement
  • Estimated 5 Year Cash Flow and Financing Plan

Section 5: Site Selection and Approval Process

This section focuses on the restaurant site and its physical aspect. The following graph outlines the progression of our process and method. We begin with a broad study of the market to validate our interest and adjust our strategy accordingly. Then we compute the potential of the market size and determine the potential number of TGI Fridays restaurants. Once we have identified the success drivers we are then able to prioritize the trade areas accordingly. Now that we have the market plan and have outlined the content of a robust business plan we are able to create a road map that is pro-active instead of reactive. In addition, we have provided templates for a competitive analysis template of the market, and estimate of the potential sales for the restaurants.


Section 6: Brand Standard Guidelines

The Brand Standards Guidelines contains 12 sets of designs and architectural standards that are required in all of the TGI Fridays restaurants worldwide.

Through the use of design, décor and atmosphere we will create an authentic, fun ambiance that emotionally engages and re-energizes our guests, making them believe TGI Fridays is exactly where they belong!

Section 7: Project Management

This section contains Best Practices for new restaurant project management, from the conceptual phase of the restaurant, to the design & specifications phase and through to the construction.

Section 8: Asset Management

This section includes facility repair, maintenance and remodeling for the restaurant. And, it also provides information for selecting a real estate agent and negotiating both the renewal and renegotiation of a real estate contract.